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Image by Annie Spratt

Meet Casey J

“You can have all of me...I’m yours” is more than just a lyric from her chart-topping album “The Truth” – It is the recurring theme of her life’s story. Casey J, Atlanta native, and former elementary school educator, found that a sincere “YES” to God would bring her from teaching behind a desk to worshipping in front of thousands, leading them to encounter the same love that changed her life. 


In 2015 her breakout single “Fill Me Up” landed Billboard’s #1 spot for Gospel Airplay; an accomplishment quickly achieved by her follow-up single “I’m Yours”. Her debut album, “The Truth” earned a Stellar Award for New Artist of the Year in 2016 and multiple Dove Award nominations. 

Casey’s sophomore album “The Gathering”, delivered yet another round of hits with “If God '', a lullaby of biblical affirmations to answer life’s most plaguing questions. Casey soon became affectionately known as the “bare-foot worship leader”, bringing a freedom and intimacy to gospel music that a generation was longing for. For this, Casey remains sought after to coach worship teams into embracing their call and elevating the private practices necessary to lead effectively and authentically. 


Casey’s upcoming and anticipated project entitled “The Stories We Sing”, was birthed from a place of empathy during a time of civil unrest and global devastation. Employing her unique gift of storytelling, ‘The Stories We Sing’ is an ode to an intentional God. It reconnects us to the Biblical narratives that ignited our faith and reveals how our own lives are being crafted as testaments for others to believe today. 

If asked, Casey will tell you that the most beautiful part of her journey has been continuing to say YES to God and relying on Him for the audacity to show up imperfectly in the spaces He’s predestined while daring others to do the same.

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