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Image by Samuel Austin

Connect with Casey J

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably curious about how to partner with Casey. It’s actually super easy.

Casey is available and excited to serve you and your team in the following areas: 

  • Worship Leader
    If there’s anything that people are longing for, it’s to be overwhelmed by the tangible presence of God. As a worship leader and gospel artist, Casey does not take that assignment lightly. Her worship begins way before her hands touch the mic or her feet ever grace a stage. It’s a heart thing. Casey’s soulful vocals accompanied by heart-song lyrics have brought congregations past the constraints of formality and into a face-to-face meeting with their Creator. #1 Billboard Chart-topping singles, “Fill Me Up” and favorites like “I’m Yours”, “Let It Be Known”, and “If God”; resonate as anthems across denominations and through multiple generations. INVITE CASEY TO LEAD YOUR WORSHIP EXPERIENCE
  • Worship Educator
    “In Spirit and in truth”, we know that God requires this from our worship but HOW can we get there effectively and consistently? Well, there’s no magic formula but there is a proven path. Casey has developed a practical and spiritual roadmap that you can follow to dynamically impact your worship leading. Drawing on over 10 years of experience as an educator and her expertise in curriculum building and instruction; you’ll be given the tools and coaching you need to develop your practice and presence as a worshipper. Whether you desire to increase your spiritual sensitivity or to lean into the authority and confidence that you know is inside of you, this is a safe place to start. Casey’s commitment is to help you and your team to go beyond worship as usual. CUSTOMIZE AN IMPACTFUL WORSHIP PROGRAM FOR YOUR TEAM
  • Speaker/Storyteller
    At her core, Casey is a Christian storyteller. Her secret sauce is no secret at all. It’s her willingness to listen; to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, the hearts of those she serves, and the lessons she’s gained through her journey. Casey has a unique ability to reach people who have real questions about God. She’s not one to shy away from the “hard” topics either. Casey leads with transparency and has a refreshing way of injecting her humor, letting audiences know they are not alone. Undoubtedly the most riveting story she tells is her own testimony. Her battle with anxiety had her passed out on the floor of an airplane. This was a turning point for Casey. She learned that God cares as much about our mental and emotional wellness as He does our spiritual countenance. As a teacher of the Word and mental health advocate, when Casey speaks, she grants people the gift of seeing themselves but most importantly; seeing themselves the way God intended. CONNECT WITH CASEY TO SHARE WITH YOUR GROUP
  • Media & Brand Partnerships
    To follow Casey on any of her social platforms is to be invited to her virtual dinner party. In her corner of the internet, she’s cultivated a safe space for her tribe to share, be heard, and get daily helpings of thoughtful inspiration. Don’t get it twisted, she’s unapologetic about the things that make her Casey; her love for God, her brown melanated skin, and her carefully curated, organic lifestyle. Whether in an interview or partnering with a brand, Casey’s voice and influence boldly reflect the purpose for every platform she takes. PARTNER WITH CASEY FOR YOUR BRAND CAMPAIGN OR MEDIA OPPORTUNITY
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